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Custom Control Valves

We established our reputation as the go-to provider of custom-designed solutions for engine manufacturers when, in 1949, we designed a temperature control valve specifically for Chris-Craft marine engines. Fishermen operating vessels in the icy waters of the Great Lakes were struggling to bring their engines up to speed quickly, and the AMOT thermostatic valve helped improve engine performance and shorten warm up time. By the mid-1950s, we were providing designed-to-order control and monitoring products that solved some of the trickiest engineering challenges that large engine OEMs faced.

Examples of custom OEM solutions:

Today, our ability to work closely with engine manufacturers and address their specific needs is what sets us apart. Our nimble, in-house engineering teams have decades of knowledge and experience, and our worldwide sales and manufacturing facilities provide customers in all regions with local assistance. Simply put, give us your specs and we will design a solution.